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Arthaa Handmade Products


Beautiful, simple, handcrafted 'Harvester' bag. This is ideal for conferences as delegate bags, or even to use as an elegant handbag. A handmade paper notebook and handmade paper pen can also be seen.

See how well the bag fits slung casually over the shoulder. It will have delegates or your friends talking about it for a long time to come.

Large quantities of these beautiful bags can be made at relatively short notice, and if you are ordering in bulk, we can screenprint you logo for free.

Another view of the Harvester bag and block printed folder. Note the beautiful print on the book - this is a traditional Indian motif. Inside, there is cream coloured deckle edged paper.

The folders - again ideal for conferences, or easy for students and business people to keep A4 size papers, cards and notes in. Note the exquisite hand printed design

Convenient to carry pens, notes and cards.

Take it out and have people asking you where you got it from!

Very special, beautifully handcrafted greeting cards made out of banana mottle, silk mottle and silk ivory handmade paper.
This product of ours is in high demand!

The cards can be used to send for Christmas, Easter, Hanukka, Diwali, Eid, Birthdays or any special day. They can even be sent as thank you cards or even presented as elegant notelets

The designs are exquisite and hand printed. If you are ordering in bulk, we could screenprint your logo or special message inside or outside the card.

1) Open handmade paper diary, made of banana fibre 2) Open folder used for conferences 3) Khadi cotton conference bag. Wonderful value for a meaningful conference.

Greeting cards and notelets made of silk ivory board, and hand printed with various traditional Indian motifs

Beautifully hand painted clay pot-honeybee wax candles. Each design is unique. Gives off a natural honey aroma when lit.

1) Wine bottle bag 2) Gift bag. Made of exquisite silk paper and then hand printed. Excellent value for those special gifts

Greeting cards pack of six. A selection of six different designs in one pack. Beautiful hand printed Indan motifs

1) notebook 2) Jute bag. Eyecatching and very sustainable.

Jute bag. Jute is a very sustainable material from Bengal. Very trendy and strong

These special greeting cards have been painstakingly individually handcrafted. Traditional Indan motifs.

Gift bags made of silk handmade paper. Use only for those very special gifts!

Another view of the gift bags. They are available in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes. Special sizes can be made to order

Sizes, shapes even material can be made to order. The simple rule is that it should all be handcrafted and sustainable!

The logo of the vineyard or organic chocolate shop can be hand printed on these bags to give your shop or vineyard that individual feel.

Seven of these exquisite candles fit inside a bamboo woven case. Makes for a perfect gift.

Each candle is painstakingly individually hand painted - there are no short cuts here!

Perfect to accompany you for an intimate evening, meditation or yoga session.

Ideal also as table settings for dinner or tea parties. Exudes a delicate aroma of honey. As with any open flame, take necessary precaution while using the candles.

These candles make for wonderful collectibles. The added value is the delicate craftmanship of the talented women of the co-operative.

Display them prominently in your glass case and have them talked about for days on end! You can order for a box of six or seven candles.

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For bulk orders or to purchase directly, please contact
Maeve Wadge at:
UK: 21, Oxford Road, Farmoor, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX2 9NN United Kingdom
Tel: (0044).0.1865863316
India: 88, 1st main road, Chamarajpet West, Bangalore - 560018 India.
Tel: (0091).0.8026506425
Email: [email protected]


Meaningful Volunteer Tours
Combine volunteer work with adventure/culture/heritage tourism. Two week and four week programmes pack together fantastic project work with rock climbing, crocodile encounters, world heritage sites and much more. Ideal for school/faith/corporate/club groups.
There is a lot of volunteer work to do here in India. Our volunteer interns have found their time here to be one of the richest and most rewarding experiences of their lives...
Community Education Programme
We are working in rural state schools and in the state welfare home for children in difficulty. We try to improve the lives of the children by filling it with colour.
Arthaa Handicraft
Ethically made and traded! Please visit our website
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