Peace Child India

Important information for interns, visitors and school groups before your visit.
Please note:
This list is not exhaustive. If you have any other queries, please get in touch!

About our activities in India as an educational institution, you can read many positive reviews from the local population. You can order an essay about the problems we solve as a charity at at

Please pay special attention to:
A (Travel), B (Accommodation) and C (Important special information)
A: Travel
We are NOT a travel agency and as such we do not have an ABTA or equivalent certification or membership. We run the intern programme, visiting group (meaningful tour) and school visit programme as an important consequence of our main work in India and it is a completely non-profit operation.

We strongly recommend full and comprehensive health and travel insurance for all interns, visitors, groups, participants and their mentors before traveling to India. From arrival in India till departure (airport pick up to drop off, if included), the organisation will fulfill committments made to you as per the travel and work schedules agreed to prior to arrival.

Barring 'force majeure' conditions (i.e. a catastrophic event completely beyond the control of the organisation), the agreed committments will be met in full. Health and safety arrangements are paramount in our preparations, and are based on years of experience of handling hundreds of interns and volunteers and tens of school groups.

Select transport and accommodation facilities are made available to visiting groups (where agreed to) and where necessary, standbys are in place in the unlikely event of having to use alternate arrangements.

All flight and travel arrangements before arrival in India are the responsibility of the intern, school or visiting group, and Peace Child India will not be able to guarantee any arrangements, travel or otherwise that lie outside the schedules agreed upon by us. In the event that flights are missed or delayed, we will be flexible (within reason) in our transport and accommodation arrangements to suit the anomaly.

B: Accommodation:
The accommodation is located in the same building as the office in Rajarajeshwarinagar and on an farm near the villages where most of Peace Child India's work is conducted. The office accommodation is convenient for interns to plan their lessons together along with the help of the Programme Managers. It is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore, about an hour’s bus ride from the city centre. Facilities include:

  • Dormitory style accommodation
  • Western bathrooms and showers
  • Washing Machine
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Television, computers and stereo
  • Internet access
  • House Mother who will cook and take care of the upkeep of the accommodation.
  • Suitable arrangements are available for groups at the farm accommodation.

The Rajarajeshwarinagar area is also well suited to interns' needs. There is a supermarket, fruit and vegetable market, internet centre, sports club, restaurants, ice cream parlour and other shops within a 10 – 20 minute walk. There are regular buses into the centre of town.

Food at the intern accommodation: Food is a combination of Indian and Western cuisine. After years of practice to find tastes that suit everybody, you'll find that the food is tasty and wholesome.

Water: Special filters at the intern accommodation ensures that the water you drink from these filters is safe. We recommend you carry a water bottle with you when you are at the project site and recommend you fill your bottles with water from the filters provided at the intern accommodation and take with you.

Special needs (allergies/disabilities): If you have any special needs, you must inform us before you arrive in India so that we can prepare for your specified needs. We might also be able to advise you on any special precautions you may need to take or additional insurance required for your stay in India. Please also look at available health, insurance and travel information in your own countries before you travel.

Hospital: The Manipal Hospital, Rajarajeshwarinagar is within 3 miles of the intern accommodation and is a modern, multi-speciality hospital and is our recommended hospital in the event of emergencies. Other clinics, hospitals are available nearer for smaller ailments.

Clothing: Please note that at the site of your work, there are young people, children and people with conservative values towards dress. We strongly advise you at your work site to wear conservative, loose fitting clothing. Please wear below the knee shorts and round neck T-shirts. If you are in doubt, it's always recommended you ask your mentor at the accommodation.

Bangalore city is a modern cosmopolitan city and there are no clothing restrictions on own time. There are no clothing restrictions at the intern/school group accommodation, but please bear in mind that there might be colleagues and fellow students who might feel embarassed or uncomfortable.

C: Special notices:
Bangalore is a large and multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan and diverse city. People are friendly and open, will be curious about you and want to know more about you and your culture. This is part of the exciting adventure of being in India. However, as with any large city anywhere in the world, commonsense precautions need to be taken.
For example:

  • Please try and travel in pairs especially after dark
  • Please do not accept food or rides from strangers
  • Please keep your valuables secure at all times, do not take more money or valuables than necessary when visiting the projects.
  • If you have expensive camera equipment, we recommend you keep these on your person at all times when you are at the project site and insure them before you travel to India.
  • Narcotic drugs of any sort are STRICTLY forbidden. Please note that it is illegal to buy or consume narcotic or recreational drugs of any sort, including cannabis, in India. Decoy police operate sometimes as dealers and punishments can be severe if caught.
  • Smoking tobacco at project site and within the intern accommodation premises is STRICTLY forbidden. You will be shown where it is permissible to smoke tobacco by the project coordinators.
If you have any special concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a frank answer to your queries.