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Meaningful tour programme
Volunteer work and a chance to see a little known India

Peace Child India meaningful tours offer you the opportunity to volunteer and discover a rarely seen India.

The meaningful tours offer you an opportunity to take part in positive, fulfilling volunteer work and then have an amazing, in-depth exploration of a beautiful and exciting India that few people would normally see. All pre-arranged for you so that you can concentrate on what you came to do. So whether you are a school group, a work group on a charity trip or an individual wanting to be part of a group of like minded people, this meaningful tour is for you. These short term volunteer and discovery experiences last between two and four weeks, and fit perfectly into your limited annual leave schedule.

 Typical meaningful tours would look like:
Two weeks:
Volunteer at a summer camp for disadvantaged children. Travel around the ancient Indian cities of Mysore, Belur, Halebid and Sravanabelagola. Rich with temples, palaces and elephants
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Two weeks:
Volunteer to build a reading room at a Government rural school. Travel to the historic city of Mysore, visit palaces and temple elephants, and then on to Mercara, Kodagu, home of the famed coffee plantations of South India.
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Two weeks:
Volunteer to build a puppet and music theatre to help in key skills education. Travel to the secluded golden sand beaches of the temple town of Mammallapuram, Tamil Nadu. Be amazed by beautiful stone sculpture, a snake and crocodile conservation centre and other rich experiences.
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Four weeks:
Volunteer to plant trees, teach English, install a library in a school. Travel to the world heritage site at Hampi. Visit ancient temples and bazaars, perfectly preserved and of unimaginable beauty. Make your way down to Mammallapuram and cool off on the sandy beaches of this temple town. Visit a snake and crocodile conservation centre to round off your trip.