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Story gallery - Young volunteers completely renovate Kengeri school together with the students of the school
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All photos of volunteers can be viewed below.
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School to school
Kengeri school
South Bangalore

Outside Kengeri schoolKengeri school on the outside
on our very first visit.
Children study outsideAs the classrooms are often too dark
Children sit outside to do their lessons.
Dingy classroomAn inside view of the classrooms
This room was selected for our reading room
Toilet facilitiesThe lack of proper toilet facilities
especially affected the girl students, keeping them out of school
TheatreTheatre and music
helps students express their visions of a better school
Mixing paintsMixing paints!
The work begins in right earnest...
VolunteersEllie tackles a wall
To prepare for the design that was to come onto it.
VolunteersJonas paints the doors
Colour is vital for conducive learning environments
GardenA garden was planted
To use waste water and make a beautiful surrounding
GardenThe garden also ensured
That water would not stagnate for mosquitos to occupy
ToiletsWe were especially proud
of painting this sign on the finished girls' toilets
VolunteersVolunteers take a break
Happy but exhausted at the end of the day!
VolunteersJill does intricate work
beautifying the garden water tank
PaintingAll together now
Painting the school walls. The colour was chosen by the students
ScheduleThe school's amazing headmaster
admires the work especially as it is on schedule!
ToiletsA cleanly finished toilet
We used skilled labour for this, but the students put in the tiling. Colourful and accessible!
ToiletsThe finished toilets
Contrast them with the earlier pictures!
MuralRaju puts the finishing touches on the mural
The mural was made with discarded tiles
MuralThe finished mural
The mural is from an Indian folk tale.
Has a little victory cart-wheel
GardenThe garden is finally finished
The students have created a rota to take care of maintaining the garden
GroupA colourful group!
They may have come from all over the world but are now fast friends
danceThe students put on a performance
There were smiles, hugs and a few tears when it was all done and time to say goodbye!