Peace Child India

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Kali experience
Theatre, music, puppetry, Mahabalipuram, Dakshina Chitra, Crocodile Bank
2 weeks

The quality of education for children from underprivileged backgrounds is very poor in India. In many cases, though the academic education of the students might be up to mark, the creative, physical and key skills education is completely neglected.

This leads to students growing up unaware of their rights and entitlements, and have no sense of civic responsibility. Many of them are also never given a chance to completely live up to their potential, as they are unaware of the opportunities.

What we do: Peace Child India has been working with underprivileged children using puppetry, theatre, music and art in workshops that encourage children to show their true potential.

After many years of doing this work, Peace Child India has documented incredible change and learning as a result of theatre, music and puppetry.
Your voluntary work: SEVEN DAYS

Work qith underprivileged children putting together theatre plays, music and puppetry pieces exploring both your own and their creativity. You will be guided by local artists and experts.

A performance is normally staged at the end of the workshop. The performance will be shown to a gathering of the whole community, and the message would be about the need for basic primary education for all.

In between the work days, you will have a chance to view a Bollywood film in a theatre, learn Indian cooking and how to wear a Sari (female) or Kurta (male)
The tour: THREE DAYS

For three days you will be in the gorgeous, historical jewel of Mahabalipuram. Filled with stone and rock carvings of every description, the entire town is a feast for the eyes. You can try your hand and stone sculpture! You will reside in a very comfortable beach resort and have the entire beach almost to yourself. You will also visit the Crocodile Bank and the Dakshina Chitra, a living museum of South Indian heritage and culture.


Stay at the exquisite ‘experiment in human unity’ international township of Auroville near Pondicherry. A truly exciting place where research is carried out into sustainable development, conservation and living in one settlement with people from 140 nations. Discover the former French colony of Pondicherry, with its tasteful Mediterranean style architecture.

FINAL DAY After all this travel and activity, you have a day in Bangalore to catch you breath, get a certificate from us and a special meal, do some final shopping, say goodbye to your new friends and the city and catch your flight back home.
Your contribution: £500 or approximately $752
Price is all inclusive (full board, lodging, travel, taxes, tickets etc)