Peace Child India

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Kaveri experience
Summer camp, Belur, Halebid, Sravanabelagola
2 weeks

Millions children live on the street and are in full time work in India. They live on the fringes of society, sometimes involved in drugs and crime. As they have no outlook for the future, many of them never recover from the neglect and abuse society hands out to them.

The local police forcibly house the children in shelters, from where many of them run away. This is because they have no possibility to understand that they need to be cared for, or believe that they have a future to look forward to at the shelter.

What we do: Peace Child India has been conducting summer camps for many years now to begin the rehabilitation process for some of these children.

These summer camps are seen as a ‘transitional experience’ a possibility to think differently, for these underprivileged children before they can be fully rehabilitated at a shelter.
Your voluntary work: FOR SEVEN DAYS

As part of your volunteer experience, you will interact with the children at the camp. The activities will involve putting on a play, making music and art together, playing games together and trying to understand the enormity of the difficulties these children have gone through.

There will be trained child counsellors at hand who will guide you and the children, and the objective is to prepare the children for rehabilitation at the APSA shelter in Bangalore.

In between the work days, you will have a chance to view a Bollywood film in a theatre, learn Indian cooking and how to wear a Sari (female) or Kurta (male)
The tour: TWO DAYS

You will visit the historic city of Mysore, capital of the kingdom of Mysore, with its beautiful palaces, markets, museums and elephants. World famous silk, sandalwood and traditional handicraft can be admired and bought cheaply here.


While heading back from Mysore, you will stop over at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary and see crocodiles and thousands of rare and exotic birds nesting by the river Cauvery. Lunch will be at the historic town of Srirangapatinam, under the shade of a cool tree, next to the rushing Cauvery river.


You will visit the stunningly beautiful Chennakeshava Temple at Belur and the exquisite Hoysaleshwara Temple in Halebid. At Sravanabelagola, the 55 foot statue of the Gomateshwara, the world’s tallest monolith statue waits to greet you.


After all this travel and activity, you have a day in Bangalore to catch you breath, get a certificate from us and a special meal, do some final shopping, say goodbye to your new friends and the city and catch your flight back home.
Contribution: £440 or approximately $700
Price is all inclusive (full board, lodging, travel, taxes, tickets etc)