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Our work focusses on key areas of health and education. Our projects involve reaching out to young people housed in Government shelters for young offenders, providing them with access to art material, life skills training, medicine and toiletries.

Over the years, our programme has made a huge difference in the lives of the very young and vulnerable. We also have an outreach programme to children studying in Government rural schools, expanding their ambitions, helping them chart a way out of poverty and deprivation.

School Groups
Our school programme has involved schools from across the UK, USA and other countries. We have had schools such as the Fettes school in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Harris Academies in South London, England, Oppsal School from Oslo, Norway to name a few.
Meaningful Tours
A mixed group can be a group of people from an organisation or club of friends, who want to do a two to four week volunteer work assignment, mixed with a tour of South India with a difference.

School Group

As a charity that relies heavily on volunteer help, our programmes are designed to be as efficient as possible using very limited resources; using skill, ingenuity, the enthusiasm and creativity of young people over the buying power of money.

Gap year students

More than 780 volunteers from the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and other countries have worked with us on our projects.

Our volunteers follow very structured project plans, with weekly meetings and benchmarks set so that they get the best use of time and resources and also have the most fulfilling experience of their time in India.
Between jobs?
Many of our volunteer interns are presently between jobs. Others have come to learn new employable skills while working on a fulfilling assignment.
Mature volunteers - just retired?
Retirement is a wonderful chance for the restless adventurer to seek fulfilment, by passing on valuable life experience and knowledge through one of our projects.

School GalleryGet an idea of one of our projects by surfing through our picture gallery here. This is a school to school project between Kengeri school in Bangalore and a combined Swedish/UK school.

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